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Does anyone know a model of infrared remote (LG brand) that works with the C6 oled?

First time poster. I recently bought an 55 oled C6v and i have to say its flipping awesome. everything is perfect, uniformity, etc.

Excuse the long blah blah post;

I have an issue with the magic remote (650). Initially it worked enough to get past the set up, but it then errored with 'remote unstable' and since then i cannot get it to work, nor has de-registering the remote and then re-registering.

Curry's are posting a replacement, which will take a while but i have since tried an AN-700 from an E6 and it had same issues. Which makes me think its either interference from somewhere or hardware failing on the tv. If it is that i then have some time to wait till the remote arrives and then the time for an engineer to check etc etc. Currently as a work around i am using the Tv Plus app so i can at least use the TV.

I would like some sort of infrared remote as a back up in mean time as if its factory reset for any reason then it wont get past initial set up. (and the app doesn't work) This is from painful experience as i stupidly reset the tv thinking it might fix. Again i had a brief moment where the remote worked for 3 seconds (after trying for 30 minutes intermittently), enough to skip past the initial set up.The other scenario is i have RF interference somewhere, but again an IR remote would be a good back up (i tried switching off everything i could think of to no avail). Every web search seems to push only magic remotes as replacements.

I need an infrared remote that works with the C6, if someone knows a model i could buy that would sure be awesome, especially if someone has used one on the C6 or the B6 before.


.........and if you read the whole thing, Double thanks! 'Cos that was a bit long winded as a first post!


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There is a remote update with the newest update in your tv. Can you try that one? You can use the lg app for your smartphone


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well i have the remote update and three magic remotes later no Joy- also tried two different IR remotes and so far no go either. LG engineer is coming out. oh well. Thank goodness for the remote app.

TV is still Awesome though. Pacific Rim 3d.... oh my.

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