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Been thinking about upgrading my sky to sky +. Are their any other alternatives to this. I know there are many PVRs out their but can any of these be used with the relative simplicity of the sky + and also do you still need to pay a subcription to sky if i bought my own PVR. Also are their such things as "non Sky boxes that can do the same as a sky+ box"



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i think if there were, then we'd be using the "alternative" :) hehe..

then again, there is the TiVO.. :) no subs to sky, but you still need to pay a subs


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TIVO is the only true PVR which can also handle source material from a variety of external inputs.
SKY+ can only handle Dsat (and then only programs on the EPG).
The DTT equivalent can only handle DTT channels.
When NTL and TW lauch their PVR/DTR type devices they too will only be of any use for digital cable.

So SKY+ is not unique in only being able to handle specific channels/services.

The DVD/HD hybrids can take an external source but by no means are they as versatile as the integrated decoder/tuner STB's for Freeview or SKY.
Home Cinema media centers have the flexibility to handle multipule sources and can have integrate DTT tuners but lack any system to integrate digital cable or SKY since both of those are encrypted and don't offer non-licensed hardware. Of course there are many CAMS and cards on offer for non-UK Dsat services which can be used in conjuction with a media center or a standalone Dsat receiver with HD recording but they at this time can not access ITV, CH4 or Five.

Basically if you have a SKY package that throws in the SKY+ service "free" then even at £200 it's a good deal, if you can weedle the £99 deal then it's even better:)



IMHO SKY+ is the best invention since sliced bread. So easy to use and dont know how i ever lived without it. If Sky is your preference then in my research there was nothing even close to competing taking the Sky+ box


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