Alternative Headphones for IPOD


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Help please!

I find the that the 'in the ear' headphone are uncomfortable for me. I prefer the headphones that you can hook behind the ears and then snap the ear piece in place - hopes this makes sense! Could anyone give me advice regarding the best brand to get for an IPOD - I need to get it tomorrow because I am away on holiday Tues.

Any help appreciated.


Sorry folks - I know there is a previous thread on this but I need to source headphones from a high street store, and not online.


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I use the Sennheiser PX200 with my Ipod see here
They are the closed back version whereas the px100 are the open ones. I find these much better as I can never get on with the in ear ones. They fold up into a case just a bit bigger than a sunglasses case.


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I concur with John - I use PX200s at work with my Iriver every day- and they are superb.

I bought my parents some PX100s - and compared the 2 -the PX100s had slightly better bass response BUT one of the things I really like on the PX200s is that because they are closed back - they block out a lot of ambient noise, which means that I can listen to my music quite a bit quieter (but sounds just as loud to me - if you understand what I mean) - which in turn allows longer listening with no discomfort.


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