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Alternative Hard drive

Do I have to use the 20GB hard drive that comes with the 360 or can I buy the core system and get another removable drive? I'm guessing the 360's hard drive is specially made so that it's the only one I can use.

Monty Burns

Well-known Member
I don't think anyone truly knows the answer to this yet. MS will be releasing replacement larger hard drives in there own sweet time but, if its anything like the normal xbox you will be able to replace the disk with third party ones. This however, did bring its downfalls and troubles! (there was a period where MS were banning people - permanent - from Xbox Live!)

As far as we do know its physically a standard 2.5" ide disk drive (although I'm not sure on its height) and, as such can be found readily available as a laptop disk. As for software required to use it ... who knows?!

Your best bet is too stick to the standard HD's released with it for the first few weeks/months before "modding it". Let the guys at Team Executer, Xbox Scene and others have a play first :smashin:

They are after-all the experts!

Member 55145

Distinguished Member
im sure its a S-ATA drive, either way it wont do you much good unless you want it to store movies/mp3's etc as games are required to be made to NOT use the HD, however when halo3 comes out im sure it will say "External HD required to play this game RRP $800" lol

Monty Burns

Well-known Member
JagoPlasma said:
im sure its a S-ATA drive, ....

Only if they have started manufacturing SATA 2.5" drives ;)

Bit-tech news report said:
The original Xbox featured a standard 3.5" desktop hard drive, which contributed to the system's reputation as something of a porker, especially compared with the slimmer PS2. It was the best option at the time, and was a key difference between the two consoles of that generation. However, 4 years have passed, and Microsoft have responded to the criticism by using smaller 2.5" notebook hard drives for Xbox 360.

Just one source of many

And as said, to the best of my knowledge they don't make 2.5" SATA disks. :)

Member 55145

Distinguished Member
oh ok, well i cant search for "xbox 360 specs" while at work lol, stupid filters, but when i read up about it, which was admitidly AGES ago, it said it was using SATA drives

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