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Ok guys, bought the above to sit in the bedroom to stream various media from my HTPC. It comes with a lot of naff stuff that can be played from the net but doesn't function as it's mostly chinese stuff. Is there any customised firmware out there that gets rid of the bloated progs and progs that are not available in the UK. It can't access Youtube either and the support from sumvision is non existent! Other than a few wee niggles it's a good little player/streamer. I would dearly love it to have some sort of bookmark function for internet radio but alas not so!


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It's a realtek 1073dd player & they are all clones so your unlikely to find anything better out there, the more customized realtek players which might have had something protected their firmwares so they couldn't be flashed to other boxes.

Realtek players never really had much in the way of online content to begin with. You could also kill the player flashing the wrong firmware, you could try the Fantec 1073DD players firmware they never protected those but if you don't kill the player other issues could pop up.


Thanks for that. It seems that due to having no power button on the front of this box it isn't advisable to try something like this due to not being able to enter emergency mode?


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I bricked one of those. You need to connect to it's TTL port (is located on the board - 4 pins). You will need a TTL to RS232 converter (and eventually an RS232 to USB converter) and you can unbrick it in any case. The procedure however is a bit difficult if you don't have enough skills.

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