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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Player Multiregion Hacks' started by Andy1, Oct 12, 2005.

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    Has anyone got an alternate multiregion hack for the Cyberhome DVD 400 ?
    I have just bought one for the kids from WH Smith, and I have tried the following two (well publicised) hacks, neither of which work :

    On, Setup, 1369, 3xL, 1xR, with a new Version menu appearing in the setup menu. This actually puts me in the Security section whereas the setup menu is in the General heading.

    as above, but in the Version menu highlighting the Firmware version B40016c, then 1369 and changing the region code.

    I assume my firmware version (400ME-V13-040918T) has a different menu order and also a different Hack route. Can anyone help with an alternative, as this looks like a great little player for the money and it would be a shame to take it back.

    Many thanks

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