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I was just thinking about setting up a wireless network of my new 360 & was a little put off by the cost of the official USB wireless adapter as I have just spent just under £500 yesterday on the 360, etc. and as i need to buy the wireless network gear today I thought what is stopping me from buying a wireless router with a USB network adapter & plugging that into the 360 instead of the MS official one? Has anyone tried this? would it work? If you guys could answer quickly as the shops are calling me and the money in my pocket is getter rather hot :)



The only usb one that will work is the official one, however some people have got wireless bridges to work, Its a seperate box powered by its own plug.


It just stands near your 360 andconnects with a normal network cable between the bridge and the 360, I dont know if all brands work but iv heard some do, dont know if its much cheaper though.



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you can't use other USB adapters because all USB devices need drivers, and the xbox 360 only has the drivers for the offical MS one onboard, and there is no way atm to put the drivers for other adapters onto it.
So your only 3 choices are:
1 - offical MS adapter
2 - wireless ethernet bridge (often called a wireless gaming adapter) - this plugs into the xbox's ethernet socket, and a power socket, and picks up the wireless connection, and 'bridges' it (connects it) with the xbox's wired connection
or 3 - use a wired connection using ethernet cable.


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Depending on the walls in your house it might be worth the effore in using a wired connection. I tried the wireless version and whilst it was fine when i tested it in the same room, as soon as I moved it to its proper place, going through 2 brick walls I found bad packet loss on PGR3 (resulting in me skipping all over the track according to mates I was playing against) and regular dicsonnections. Depends on your house though - if you have plasterboard walls you'll probably be fine. That was with the MS wireless adapter and a Vigor router.

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