alpine MRV F-340 3-way poss ???


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Hi all
Wondered if any one out there could help me get to grips with what i can or cannot achive with the amp i have which is a Alpine MRV F-340
what i want is to run 2 front L+R mids from the head units front L+R pre out
and use the head units pre-out sub L+R

So can i connect the mids to ch3/4 & set filter set to hp and then the sub can go on ch1/2 & set filter to lp it says in the manual on setting the
imput channel selector switch which there are 3 settings( which is the bit i'm not quite sure about)
settings are ;

this is what the manual says and is all i've got to go on

When settting to b---3/4 to have the imputs of ch-3/4 accept independent imput signals (for use with a head unit with dual pre outs)
and gives a system diagram showing a 2-ch set up with the L+R speakers bridged at 4ohms
and this is when it gets instresting as my sub runs at is 2 ohms

so am i on the right lines or am i wasting my time and just need to get a new amp that will run a 3 way system ie like the MRV-F540
cheers and thanks

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