Alpine forum?


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Does anyone know if Alpine Electronics has a user discussion/help board? I've been looking everywhere to no avail... maybe it's a sensible business decision lol



I doubt it's a sensible business decision. Best bet is to check out car audio forums that will discuss Alpine products.


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Searched a thousand times now, seems these things are so blimin complicated that no one wants to get involved. There's certainly no reference from their website and the Alpine specific rooms on other forums (I found 1) seem very quiet.

The manual does a very good job of explaining how things go together but it doesn't give you the reason why and to fully understand how the set up works, this I really need to know.


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Indeed there is!

I've just upgraded from my old Alpine unit to a CDE113bt and i've noticed that they've decided to loose the dedicated Sub RCA out on the back of the unit. The new unit just has Front L&R and Rear and/or Sub L&R. As i'm running it all through a 6ch ext Amp, this poses an issue seperating/splitting the Rear L&R signal.

I have the corect RCA slpitters but now i'm finding that I have lost the ability to fully Fade from Front to Rear and my dedicated Subwoofer control also controls my Rear speakers.

Now, Alpine have a fantastic Sub system built in to enable full control but this seems to be compromised now because of the way I am having to split the channel. So I'm sure i'm just missing a trick somewhere?

For Alpine addicts: Power IC is OFF - Sub ON - HU EQ flat


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There's not much you can do if you want to use the head unit sub out and have fade control without adding external controllers. I think it's a case of lose the fade or external sub control.

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