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Aug 19, 2003
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First post on this part of the forum and would like your view on a new in-car entertainment system I've just purchased.

Alpine CVA-1004R motorized screen - £540
Centurion DVD1001 - £99
VTR7069 7" Roof Monitor - £199

I'm sort of concerned about the DVD player but intend to upgrade to a Pioneer SDV-P7 £398 if the sound quality is poor from the Centurion.

I think I've got a cracking little system but want to know if there should be any problems connecting it all together. Could the installation be done myself or is it quite a major job?

The spec etc can be seen at or
hope its ok to list the address'

Anyway any feedback is appreciated.

*****I've posted this on another forum with one or two helpful views. One guy has a KCE-140V expansion box connecting his rather large system together (navi + VCR etc) but I'm sure just adding a DVD player and roof monitor should connect straight into the back of the Alpine.******

i dont see a problem tbh.. it should all be pos/negs with just RCA's for the different signals. the dvd might need splitters to allow 2 video sourced viewed.. thats about all though ..

im not too sure.. is the alpine designed to replace your current head unit? does it have an inbuilt amp? if so then upgrade will be very simple. but if you intend to add this monitor to your current system .. then modulators and such might need to be purchased
Hi Zoidy

Thanks for the reply.

Its a brand new vehicle I'm getting with 2 Din spaces.
One for the Alpine unit and one for the DVD player.
I have no extra amps.

The unit VW will supply will be thrown away. ;)

I'm very new with ICE and hope the above has helped.
just looked at the units.. installation is pretty straight forward.. but if your THAT new to ice.. (then get an ice pick .. hehe j/k) then maybe getting some in-person advice would be better?

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