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Alpine CDA-9885 iPod noise problem



I have just fitted a CDA-9885 together with the KCE-300BT bluetooth phone module. I am also connecting an 80GB iPod Classic via the KCE-422i Full-speed cable.

The problem is I'm getting a lot of noise in iPod mode which I find odd (and infuriating) seeing as that I cannot find a single reference to any issues with this setup anywhere on the net.

The iPod connection is 'daisy-chained' via the KCE-300BT (which has the proprietary DIN-like Alpine connector for the iPod in it) which is in turn itself connected to the HU via its own identical connector. This seems to be the correct way to do it.

The noise is a whistling, windy sort of thing that is audible at medium to high volume and is particularly audible when selecting an iPod command such as 'next track'. I initially thought it was a digital artifact, but a knowledgeable mate disagreed with me and thought it sounded analogue. The noise exists with or without the engine running, as it does in accessory or full ignition on.

The noise does not exist in CD or FM tuner mode.

I haven't gone to Alpine support yet because I find their websites (both here and in the US) to be a bit weak - I thought I would check here first.

My questions are as follows :
(1) Given that I don't think that this is a bad installation problem, has anyone had any quality problems with an iPod using the FullSpeed cable to an Alpine HU?
(2) Is the KCE-422i cable sending full digital signal to the HU? I would imagine that it is, seeing as that the front panel functions of the iPod are being handled by the HU (with the iPod controls completely disabled).
(3) I haven't got around to pulling the plug out of the Bluetooth module and connecting the iPod directly to the HU but that would be my next step. I am trying to avoid pulling dash components apart unnecessarily.

I would really appreciate a pointer here.

Thanks in advance.



Standard Member
i've just installed this setup (minus the bluetooth) in my own car today.

I haven't had any problem similar to yours but 2 things jump to mind when i read your problem.

1. The bluetooth kit sounds like it's not sending the digital signal perfectly to your headunit (which more than likely is the problem) try it, as you say, with the ipod plugged directly into the hu.

2. Have you extended the cable in anyway (like with a male to female ipod dock cable), because i'm pretty sure i read somewhere that the 422i can only be a certain length without any signal issues.

If none of these seem to help i would go back and check all the connections, as i myself have slightly disconnected the 422i twice already today from trying to get the right amount of wire into the glovebox, but with that said when i tried to run the ipod through the connection i got an error that said 'no ipod connected'

Hope you get everything working as it should because it's a decent system for the money



Thanks for the response.

The cable is standard and hasn't been modified in any way.
I guess I'm going to have to open the dash again and plug the iPod directly into the HU to see what happens.

Thanks again.



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I would point out that the iPod 'Full Speed' system is still analogue audio & RS-232 control protocol. The only Alpine to offer a fully digital mode is the XDA I believe.


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Did you get a look inside your dashborad

I hope the issue wasn't sorted as it is a problem with the cable (the cheaper component)

But all the best with the problem


Hi notcrack,
I seem to have logged this issue twice on this board (inadvertently). The other one is http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=681125

I had a response from williamshugh :thumbsup: who confirmed my experience and reported that he was further down the fault-tracing path than I was.

I have since confirmed his findings. The issue is with the KCE-300BT module that Alpine clearly has not tested properly before releasing onto the market. williamshugh is going to continue trying to get a solution from Alpine, but I am not. I have pulled the unit from my vehicle (which resolved the noise problem) and will replace it with another BT kit, non-Alpine.


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