Alphason ST600 90/2 Height Adjustable?


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I have my eye on a new 37" LED Television and Blu-Ray Home Cinema System (in a single box). I also have an existing Freeview PVR.

I'm looking for ideas for a new stand to put it all in. Since it will be situated in a corner alcove, I'm a bit limited for space.

Something like the the Alphason ST600 90/2 appeals to me, but I'm wondering if the mounting height of the Television can be adjusted. Using this stand with a 37" screen would seem to leave quite a large gap between the top shelf and the bottom of the television.

Alphason | Iconn Series - Model: ST600 90/2-B

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The cantilever stand itself does not have a height adjustment setting but you do have some flexibility with most TVs in that the higher up the back of the TV you can mount the bracket arms the lower down the TV will sit on the stand.

I have even had customers who have mounted the TV with the arms going above the top of the TV, which is certainly not to my tastes but each to their own I guess.

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