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Alphason AD3/105-S Help Please


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Hi Everyone

I've just bought loads of new kit, and I am still planning where its all going to go in my living room.

I currently have a 28" Sony 100Hz CRT TV (it was all I could afford at the time), on a Sony stand. Problem is, I can't get all the gear on this.

I have been looking at the Alphason range of AV stands, as I already have an Alphason HiFi rack.

I want to upgrade to Plasma/LCD one day, so I want something big enough for both CRT and Plasma/LCD.

I was looking at the AD3/93-S, which Alphason says will take the CRT, but there isn't enough room under it for the gear.

I then read a review on Home Cinema Choice that said that the AD3/105-S would also take the CRT, even though Alphason don't say so.

This stand can take 119Kg, and my CRT weighs 49Kg, so it sounds like it would be OK ?

However, as the 28" CRT is smaller than the stand it will be several inches in on both sides, will this be OK do you think ?

I have e-mailed Alphason, who quote maximum weights when evenly distributed, but that's about it (don't want to advise I guess).

Whats the opinion of the Forum ? Will I be OK putting a 28" CRT weighing 49Kg on the 119Kg AD3/105-S and not have it colapse onto my nice new Arcam AVR300 ?


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I have just bought the Alphason AD3 / 93 which is slightly smaller than the AD3/105-S and my 28" Toshiba CRT sits on top no trouble. No signs of breaking glass!!!!

Cracking looking stand go ahead and buy it.



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Hi grisslehomer

Does the top shelf sag in the middle a little when you put the CRT on it ?

A friend of mine says that most of the weight of a CRT is at the front, so the fact that the AD3/105 is not as deep would not be a problem.

I note that Alphason on their website quote a top shelf height of 185mm, where as their own drawing of the rack shows 190mm (that 5mm makes all the difference to fitting my centre speaker). I was wondering if the 5mm difference was due to a possible sagging in the top shelf due to weight.

How heavy is your 28" CRT ?

Thanks for the info



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Hi TimHiFi

Applying a bit of logic here.........
Alphason say this stand will take a 50" plasma. I've just checked out the average weight of the most popular 50" plasmas from Sony, Pioneer and Panasonic and I would say it's around 45kg - about the same as your TV.
Given that one would have to employ a table-top stand with these screens, this weight would be concentrated on a relatively small footprint area placed centrally on the shelf. If this stand is designed to support such a load, I would say that you'd have no problems at all with the much more evenly distributed weight of your 28" CRT.

My 75kg 32" Sony CRT is easily supported on an AD3/93s stand.
Even with this weight on the top shelf there is no sag whatsoever in the glass. The top-shelf glass on these stands is 10mm thick, toughened safety glass.


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Thanks Guys

Just being cautious :0)

Looks like the stand will take the weight then. So all I've got to do now is make sure the AV Amp will fit under the 105-S as the 93-S is just that bit wider.

I've also had a look at Optimum stands. They tend to be dearer, and the web site (when I found it) didn't say anything about maximum weights.




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Hi Tim,
i am in the same position - with sony 28" CRT and no room for kit.
I will also be getting a plasma at 'some point' but need a stand for my kit i have now, and my centre speaker to go under the tv for a change! Was contemplating a hi-fi rack for the components (cheaper!) but then it'd have to be right next to tv and... Just wondering how you got on if you decided to do it in the end ot what?!


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Its a more expensive option (like double the price!) but it looks like I'm going to go for the Optimum Stand over the Alphason.

My centre speaker only just fits in the Alphason, but with the Optimum I can choose the widths of the shelves.

Having now found out that you shouldn't put kit on top of the Amp (I knew this really) and not wanting to pile all my kit, DVD, CD, DigiBox, Video/PVR on top of one another, Optimum also do 4 and 5 shelf models.

Looks like I'm going for the 4 shelf AV300.

As for weights, the Alphason takes 120Kg where I am told that the Optimum takes 100Kg, so both are OK in that department.

Optimum make a point of saying their stands are OK for Sony CRTs.

My current set up is the TV on its Sony Stand, and the kit on an Alphason HiFi rack. The idea is to move the HiFi rack elsewhere, fit the kit on the new stand under the TV, and move the speakers apart a bit more.

Hope this helps.


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Tim, thanks for the reply. thats the exact thing i want to avoid if poss - tidier and takes up less room overall!! Unless i suppose you wall mount the plasma/lcd when you get it?! then keep it as it is! got any pics or links i can try please?!


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Three shelves allow the option of stand mounting a plasma, or putting it on the wall and having a very nice, expensive coffee table.

BTW Optimum allow you to add shelves, or use different spacers later.

I don't have any affiliation to Optimum ... I'm just impressed :0)

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