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Alpha/Diva bi-amp? Alpha 8cd or NAD c542? HELP

Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by STIFA, May 19, 2005.

  1. STIFA


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    I have one small dilemma and need your advice:
    My system is now under construction, and after few mistakes and some money lost I decided to keep two components and build system around them.

    Speakers - B&W CDM 1 SE
    Power amp - Arcam Alpha 9p

    I decided to BI-AMP my system by getting either used Alpha 8r integrated or used Diva A65+, with either Arcam Alpha 8 or NAD C542 CD player.So basically I have two possible systems:

    1) Arcam Alpha 8r integrated
    Arcam Aplha 9p power amp
    Arcam Alpha 8 CD player


    2) Arcam Diva A65+ integrated
    Arcam Alpha 9p power amp
    NAD C542 CD player

    I want to know what would in your oppinion be the better system sonically,
    I am also interested in differences between Alpha 8r and Diva A65+ when used in bi-amp with Alpha 9p I own.

    Also, will Diva A65+ be compatible to use with Alpha 9p to get the same results like Alpha 8r + Alpha 9p? (because of the different values in tech spec. and maybe different sound?)

    Also I am interested in your comment on CD player choice and differences between Alpha 8 and NAD C542 in my system.

    USED Alpha 8r and 8 CD I can get for 730$, NEW Diva A65+ and NAD C542 I can get for 820$.
    Does anyone know if those are good prices for used alpha equipment( I think they're a bit high)?

    It will be easier for me to get components from the second system I mentioned (cheaper), and that's why I want to know is it worth of waiting and spending more money on the first system if it sounds better (or not)???, YOUR OPPINION PLEASE ;)

    :smashin: Sincerely,

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