Alpha 9 Servicing?


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I have an Arcam Alpha 9 amplifier and for about the last couple of years or so it crackles quite badly and the sound breaks up sometimes when listening to various sources. This can be cured by simply selecting different sources on the remote a few times eg. moving it from CD to tuner a couple of times. My friend has a Delta 290 (I think) which is the older version of the Alpha 9 and that has behaved in a similar fashion for ages.

I guess it needs servicing, but I am quite dissapointed how quickly it started as other amps I have had have never behaved like this. I am tempted to service it myself if they are just going to vacuum dust of it etc, and charge some stupid price! Anybody any ideas or experienced similar and cured it themselves?

Great amp soundwise but this type of thing puts me off them somewhat :rolleyes:


I have an Alpha 9, and i'm experiencing the same problem. And like you I can cure it by just manually twisting the selection knob back and forth a few times. It's been the same for a while, but if it gets worse I'll get the lid off and use some sort of switch cleaner (I don't think vacuuming will do the trick, because it more than likely debris on the switches themselves).

Having said that, it's no different to some of the other amps I have had in the past, I had to constantly clean the input selector switches on my old Creek amp.

The Alpha 9 is such a great amp, I'd persevere if you can.


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Give Arcam technical support a call, they are very good and can point you in the right direction



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The alpha 9 I had did that after a couple of years too. Mine was cured by whipping off the lid and spraying contact cleaner into the selector & volume mechanisms and giving it them a good twist around on all the settings. Leave it to dry for a while and it should sound much better. You might find you need to do it again a short while later as it seems to get the crud moving around. But after a second blast I didn't need to do mine again for ages.
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