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Almost run in - first couple of weeks with a pw6


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Dear all, just received a new rgb scart today (Ixos) to connect sky+ to the rgb on my panny pw6. (Pioneer dvd 575 routed through yammy ax 750se component).
Now had it for a couple of weeks and have been following hornydragon's instructions to the letter regarding running in at -15 contrast and -5 brightness. Have to say I like a nicely contrasted image (having got a pixel plus philips) so it has been a bit frustrating watching it at times. Also watching sky through a cheap scart has thrown up a lot more artifacts than the thor leads I was using, but had to discard because they were not long enough to feed out through and back in the wall to hide the cables.
Anyway for those who want to know I have the following comments to make about it - DVD via progressive/component is excellent and sharp and I have to say without any picture 'noise' even close up. I am looking forward to fidling more with the settings now it has 200 hours on - via the dvd in the other posts probably. Interestingly it has made me realise just how bright I had the picture on my philips (PW9618 36") and I have at times now found my philips a bit irritating to watch even on dvd. The 3 d'ness seems to remove the cinematic feel of films like LOTR etc. The panny picture just seems to be more 'comprehensive' ?? :rolleyes:
Sky + has been ok but after installing the new cable today has taken a quantum leap forawrd - less grainy and much much sharper than the cheap lead, but again very dependent on the feed i.e bravo :eek: vs movies.
I do agree that there is a (little) bit of softness and the rgb board is panasonic - then again with the contrast and sharpness turned up it is fine. I dont know how much extra clarity you could squeeze out of a JS converter, and dont really get what the scaler stuff is on about but Im not sure another big layout is necessary for a while.
Overall I like the minimal styling - no offence but I am so glad I didnt get the viera it would have been too bulky for what I wanted. It looks and feels very industrial and although discontinued I am sure its younger sibling pw7 must be similar. I also think black is the better colour for wall hanging if that doesnt sound too stupid :blush: Picture quality really is excellent - Incidentally I was in currys today where they were playing the obligatory digital sources (nemo/monsters etc) to hike up their screens. There are some real duffers about (even when considering they have poor feeds) but I wont criticise specific makes.
I have to say I cant hear any buzzing off the set yet, and certainly cant find the dead pixels (anything I should look for?). The biggest issues so far have been getting sound right from the amp/speakers and the overall complexity of the numerous remotes.
Hope this is of some use :)

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