Almost Ready for the BBQ


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Had the Wii outside on the projector last night and it looks class, even just directed against a brick wall it looked really good, going to get it directed against my white screen ready for my BBQ, Tiger Woods in the garden !!!


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Does actually look qood. But you will only be able to play once the sun falls - defeats the idea of playing whilst having a BBQ :suicide:


Looks great, I look forward to receiving my invite to the forum BBQ.:smashin:


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Fantastic idea, watch your guests don't go using the HP to close to the remotes though:eek: Don't think I could trust them:rolleyes:


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Paint a bt of your wall white for an even better effect lol.
or get a few sheets of A3 paper and blue tack.


how can you stand infront of the display, but not get in the way of the projector though?! :hiya:


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Hope your neighbours are boarding up their windows, they'll be ProV1's flying all over the place....;)


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got the projector sitting on a low chair in front of us and a diy wireless sensor bar sitting under a projector screen on a tripod :)

I will send a full report in on Sunday with pics letting you all know how it went !! :smashin:


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Too drunk to take any pictures last night but the Wii on the projector was amazing !! massive screen Wii Sports was quality !!

Only thing was it was a little cold, in a month or so the nights should be warmer so it should be fine, or i might have to invest in a patio heater :)

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