Almost impossible to get PAC code from Three Mobile


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I have decided to leave Three Mobile mainly due to signal strength issues. My previous contract terminated on 27 December 2021

So I tried

1. Texting PAC to 65075 - doesn't work. All I get back is "oops, something went wrong!"
2. An on-line chat but after just over an hour I had got nowhere, so I just gave up.
3. Phoning 333 from my mobile and it took nearly 35 minutes before I could convince the operator that I DID NOT want an upgrade, I DID NOT want full details of all the possible offers that were available to me. At long last after being on hold for about 10 minutes I was told that I would get my PAC but his would take FIVE working days, sometime around Monday 10 January.

I appreciate that times are difficult but issuing a PAC should just need a simple computer operation and the transmission of an email. something easily automated?

Do you get such appalling treatment from other mobile providers?


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Just send PAC ddmmyy - replace with the date of birth of the account holder. Worked for me just before Xmas.

Eg PAC 140372


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That's what I did but it came back with an error message. I have tried about 20 times over the last two days.


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Strange. All I can say that for me (so far) has been a simple and painless process.

Have you tried logging into to your My3 account it supposed to be available from there as well


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I also had a real struggle to get a PAC code from Vodafone at the beginning of December (Talkmobile also use the Vodafone network) with similar issues highlighted by the OP. I moved to Talkmobile for a cheaper deal plus they still retain an element of international roaming charges in the EU which Vodafone do not! Obtaining a PAC code should be straightforward with just a text message to obtain it.

Perhaps we need to complain to Ofcom (or which ever regulator covers telecommunications)?


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I've just tried with the line I run with Three and the text method is still down.
I would advise when phoning for a PAC to say "Please can you supply a PAC for this account as I have signed a new contract with 'insert other network' and I want to take this number". Then just be polite but insistent that you are leaving and there's nothing that they can do to change your mind.


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I went on mythree app on my phone, clicked I want to leave, and got issued a pac code instantly, literally within 1 minute of being on the my three app, simplest it's ever been and I was actually impressed how easy and simple it was, they sent a text straight away with my pac that is available for 30 days, but you can go on there and extend it too


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My wife and I have just spent slightly over 2 hours talking to very nice staff at Three in order to get our PAC codes.

Eventually one of the support staff investigated further and found out the probable cause of the difficulty. Just over 2 years aga both of our accounts were hijacked and transferred to Vodafone without our knowledge. Three quickly resolved the problem and gave us new SIMS, Unbeknown to us they added another layer of security making it very difficult to make changes on line - thus making a phone call necessary.

If we had known about the increased security it would have made things easier for. However they were only trying to protect us so it's not all bad.

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