Almond Butter

silent ninja

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Let us know how you find it.

Must be a recent almond craze. I see almond milk is popular but I had a quick look at the ingredients in Tesco and there's barely any almond in it. It's basically a weak flavouring? What's the point? I like the taste of normal green top milk (blue top smells a little fatty lol). What am I missing?


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Will do, I tend to have a handful of almonds n raisins as an evening snack so this will make a decent change


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Had the same email off MP today too.

Saw it was on offer but thought i'd give it a miss as i still have half a tub of peanut butter left to go through!

You'll have to let us know your thoughts as i may take the plunge next time..:smashin:

O'ren Ishii

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I've not had the MP stuff but I bought some organic almond butter a while ago and I have to say I really like it. I think it tastes really good and its meant to be better for you than PB?


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There was a discussion about AB a while ago. I do like it, but it's not as versatile as peanut butter. PB can be mixed with other things like banana, sweet stuff, put in shakes etc. AB has more of a distinctive taste, so it's nice on its own, but can make some off flavor combos.

I have the idea that it's a little bit healthier, I could be making this up though!

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