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All Video signals through the receiver or not?



I was hoping somebody might give me the benefit of their experience.

I'm gradually receiving all the various "boxes" which will eventually make up my new home cinema system.

One thing I haven't got around to yet is deciding which cables to buy to connect the whole lot together with.

One thing which is holding me up (together with a lack of decent hi-fi shops in Switzerland) is trying to decide whether or not to channel all the Video signals through the receiver or whether to connect them to the TV direct.

Could anybody tell me if they've experimented - is there any real benefit either way? Would it be worth putting my DVD, PC input and Cable TV input into the receiver and then having one connection to the TV?

Initially I'd planned on having the DVD to TV via HDMI and the various other Video signals through the TV's SCART/S-Video/PC input connections and the audio from all channelled through the receiver, but as I browse the internet for cables, I keep changing my mind.

Any thoughts gratefully received.



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i guess the benefits of putting it through an AV amp is the less cable that need to go to the plasma, also if you do not have enough in puts on your plasma this is a great way of getting more inputs.

not to sure about quality degredation or improvement


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The av amp can act as a very convenient switching unit which saves on connections to your display and also makes operation of your kit easier. Some might say that you are degrading the video signal needlessly but in practice I doubt that you would see a difference.

I leave my audio and video sides separate to give me more flexibility- I can then select any video source with any audio source (watching sky football with radio commentary). There are pros and cons of each set up but the convenience of easy switching usually wins for many people.


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I have laptop & dvd going through the reciever and it's so convenient too. Just switch the amp over to the relevant input and video and aduio signal come out to the tv.

No more worrying which channel the tv is set to and picking up the remote for the a/v amp etc. Far more convenient on my setup. Couldn't hack the multiple remote thing.


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