All those using Toshiba 340 and RGB SCART


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I noticed something with my 340, if I switch it on by pressing the 'open drawer' button the machine will output composite even though I have RGB output selected. If I want RGB output I have to re-select it from the menu (the menu shows RGB as selected even though it isn't).

This doesn't happen if I press the power button and then 'open drawer'.

Tried this with multiple SCART leads and then took it to Sevenoaks where they checked it on their big plasma - same thing...

Doesn't seem to matter whether it has been MR's either...

Did I just get one from an old F/W batch or do others get the same thing? I can't beleive this hasn't cropped up here before.


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Just checked mine before it goes back to for a refund tomorrow (I'm glad to see the back of it) and mine does it.

There was a thread a while ago where someone else found yet another way that the same thing happened when he (or she, sorry can't remember) changed discs. They noticed it had to be reset to RGB everytime as it changed to composite by itself.

I just think that Toshibas order books for the 340e went mad and the factory churned them out by the lorry load to meet demand. I had mine for three weeks. I had enough with it's DVD-R problems. So to then find mine has now done both the other two as well (must be something connected with the settings/tray operation) must mean a firmware upgrade was called for. I don't know if the 340e even has fw upgrades available?

But as I've still got my 220e and nothings up with it must say something.


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Cheers for confirming that... Now I just need to decide whether the offer to upgrade to the 575 should be taken up...

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