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    The question of modes is interesting. I have been dabbling with them over the last week on various DVD's. The manual tell s you that double lines is best used for NTSC pictures which effectively is your region 1 DVD's ect. However on some DVD's this mode is visible and on others it is replaced with Progressive Scan, which isnt even mentioned in the manual.
    I can only assume that the coding on the DVD itself tells the tv what modes are available hence the variation between films.
    Personally I feel that in all cases the pixel plus mode is the clearest, one easy way to see the difference is to get a ggod close up of someones face on the screen, pause the DVD, then goto the menu and swap the modes over one at a time then hit menu again. If you watch the screen there is about a 2 second delay before the mode changes and you can clearly see the differences.
    Of course as has been mentioned the pixel plus has the down side of artifacts on certain pictures, particularly when dark objects pass over or by white backgrounds.
    I guess nothing is perfect but I wouldnt give it up for another TV set cos after the philips picture anything else looks positively blurred.

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