All the Starwars



If I wanted to buy all the starwars films. IS there a pack which would have them all in

Or is it best to buy them individually

Thats assuming they are all available on dvd.


Only Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace and Episode 2 : Attack of the Clones are available on DVD.

Episode 3 should be out in November 2005 after it's Summer 2005 theatrical run.

Episodes 4,5 and 6 (the original trilogy) are expected sometime in 2006, at the earliest.


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Laserdisc for Episodes 4,5 and 6 .... if you can find the discs and a working player.

as the official releases [4,5,6] will be possibly be a few years away, you have 2 options.firstly try your luck with the many dvd versions you find. bear in mind they are only copies of the laserdisc version! i don,t own the dvd versions ,and would be more inclined to get the laserdisc[ntsc], even if you don,t have a laserdisc player., you can pick a cheap player up nowadays.secondly i think the laserdisc is an investment. thirdly i have read the dvd,s don,t output proper 5.1, and the dts is not even present[if these dvd,s are just copies of the laserdisc, did the laserdisc only have 5.1?...don,t recall dts!] the choice at the end of the day is yours.......lastly , if your tempted by the laserdisc, the PAL version is only dolby pro logic,,,,,the NTSC version is 5.1! hope this helps.


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I bought the Trilogy boxset on VCD ( still unopened) on Saturday. It is an official release in Malaysia where VHS is apparently not common due to the humidity.It does not say what the sound format is , probably stereo . If I dont sell it, then I might open it and find out :D VMax

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