All sound out of bass driver - ? Celestion Impact 40s


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Hi there.

On my Celestion Impact 40s one of the speakers has a strange problem.

Most of the sound come out of the bass unit...I mean all mixed in that bass middle and treble ranges seem to come out of the bass unit and the mid and treble units of very quiet.

The other speaker is as u'd expect...bass mid and treble out of their respective driver/cones.

These has laid around for a couple of years but were fine.... any ideas....


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Are they bi-wirable?If so ceck the connectors are still in place between the two sets of terminals.
If they're not bi-wirable.....well I can't help you,but I'm sure someone else can.


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Are you saying the sound is quite quiet and it all sounds like its coming out of the bass driver? Is there any bass reproduction too or has that dropped off entirely? If so, sounds like a problem I had a couple of years ago. Both of my Eltax Symphonys went like that after a DJ mate borrowed them for his house party. Turned out he had blown both bass drivers......

I got them replaced for about 50 squid at Richers, but they never sounded the same again. As I know sod all about technical stuff though, I'm probably 100% wrong...


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thanks so far folks.....

your spot on in that all sound rages seem to come out the base driver unit with some but very quiet comming out the mid range and tweeter...

gona try the mid unit from the duff speaker in the good one later and try and see if the problem is limited to the driver/cone itself.....

wish me luck



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took both speakers apart and tested all driver/cones fine........then took all wiring out.....

turned out that 3 yrs ago when we moved the speakers had a rattle..on inpsection one of the large coils ( ressistance/capacitance etc etc ) had come out its holding so I put it back...

only to find out last night I'd put it back the wrong way round...sorted that out and now speakers working fine again !!!! extra carefull putting things 'back in place' with electrical items.....pheewwww....

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