All recorded Sky+ programmes freezing or breaking up

Bert Coules

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Suddenly this evening, all my stored recordings on my (V1) Sky + box are refusing to play back: either the beginning of the recording is shown as a freeze-frame, or the programme plays but rapidly breaks up into blocky artefacts and then freezes.

Sometimes, the recorded programme doesn't come up at all, but instead I get a frozen frame of whatever was onscreen just before I tried to select the recording.

I tried unpluging the box for a couple of minutes and then reconnecting, but it made no difference. Currently, I have the box unplugged again and will leave it a while longer. Assuming that this doesn't work either, do I have any option other than reformatting the hard disk?

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Well, the question now seems to be academic. I just plugged the box back in, waited while it searched for listings, selected Sky + Planner...

and got the message There are no programmes in your Sky + Planner!

Fortunately, most of the recordings are replaceable, but it's still a sneaky sort of trick...



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Sounds like a hardware issue not a software one.
Even after a reboot the OS will do a quick check of the disk and if it sees any damaged data is should remove it from the planner so either the contents index was corrupt or the HD itself is on it's last legs.
I would not be surprised if any recordings done tonight are affected in the same way over the next day or two.

Bert Coules

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Thanks for the reply. In the end, I gave up and phoned Sky. The engineer talked me through a few tests, and it turned out that one of the two LNB inputs was registering zero on both signal strength and quality. He advised me to power down the box (with the card removed) and disconnect and reconnect the LNB leads. Then - apologetically - he told me to reformat the hard disk.

Since then, everything's been fine on the test recordings I've made.



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I assumed you had already checked the signal readings and lock indicators for the two LNB feeds, was it tuner 2?
I've read a few posts over the last couple of weeks from people with no readings from that tuner, when things like this happen just after an OS upgrade you do tend to get suspicious:)


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i'm having a simialr sort of problem getting alot of part recorded stuff. once or twice a day i get a recording that looses signal for about 5 or 10 seconds. and i'm also getting the recoding that registers and freezes when i try to play it back.

i will keep an eye on it and if it gets much worse i will try doing what you did and re formatting the hard drive.

lucky that alot of channels repeat stuff later in the week


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I seem to have a slightly different problem as in. all my recordings are there to be viewed, but when i press select it doesnt respond
When you press backup it does not go back to orignal programme. I thought it might be my remote but its not even responding from the box controls either. All my signal indicators appear to be fine and it seems to work on everything else.


Bert Coules

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The problem recurred after a day or so, giving exactly the same effect as before: frozen or broken-up playback of recorded programmes.

I called Sky technical help again, and this time was told something I hadn't fully realised: I had assumed that the box was having a problem retrieving the recordings from the hard disk, but the chap I spoke to tonight reckoned that the shows hadn't recorded properly in the first place, so there were no correctly-stored programmes to retrieve.

We went through the same procedure of checking both inputs and breaking and making the LNB connections (and the reason for doing so made rather more sense this time) and at the end everything seemed fine again. Test recordings have all been OK so far.

So far...


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