all p900 users have at how easy it is for movies on our phones


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just started to put movies on my phone and you wouldnt believe the quality absolutely superb.i use super dvd ripper to rip my dvds to avi and then use smartmovie viewer and converter to turn the avi file into a viewable mpeg4 :clap: it takes time and you do need a 128mb memory card but trust me its great.i can get 3 phoenix nighst episodes on it or a full movie and a couple of little bits n bobs you can compress but things get a little messy the lower the kbps.
been doing it for a while , superb for long journeys etc.
Have had people asking me on trains about it as well, they were amazed by the qulaity
Nb with movies its better to get 2 memeory cards and do a higher quality rip and split the file.
say about 80 mb on each one, you can use the rest of the card for mp3s and smaller movies etc.
I have 3 128mb cards 2 for movies and 1 for music


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i`m amazed at the quality of the film at 110mb never mind spreading it over 2 cards :thumbsup:


Is there any area where we could share these MP4's, i to have quite a few ?


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usually have to wait a few weeks for the amazon one though,i originally ordered form amazon then cancelled my order when i seen offtek had them instock,i emailled amazon to cancel and 2 weeeks later the bloody memeory card turns.


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Silverback - when you are using Super DVD Ripper, what resolution do you set the output file to?

Do you go as close to the size of the P900 screen as possible, or leave it as it is, and let it scale itself?


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Can someone please give me some more info on using super dvd ripper? I try opening a video_ts folder and it says 'Unable to parse as an ifo file'..... also what output file size do you use?


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