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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Carnagerover, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I have a Samsung LCD TV, Le32r41bd, I use to play xbox 360 ( it was demo'd on my model line in the koisks) Watch movies on my HTPC and thats it really.

    I use Zoomplayer pro on my pc for the dvd, i upscale it to my lcd natural resolution in VGA mode.

    Anyway for my questions.

    When i use DVE to calibrate the LCD tv display,

    Should i look directly at the display from the middle angle, or doesnt this matter. If i tilt my head or move around the screen when i am doing the Pluge test i can sometimes still see the BTB line, when i look straight at the middle it is gone. If i was to tilt to the left and look to the right it would still be there. So whats the best way to do this.

    When setting up the pluge pattern on DVE, should i just be able to make out all of the 2% line, if i can just make it out on the bottom half is this ok. If it is the full line that i need to make out, and if i can see the full line but barely is this ok ?

    Any better patterns i should be using ?

    Should i trust the outcome no matter what,

    The reason i ask this is because when i have done a calibration before, it would appear to be too dark, but i'm not sure it isnt just me be being used to it being too bright. The reason i ask this is because i had just done a calibration on my dvd software using dve. I was watching underworld, there is a bit where a guy is stood up , one half of this face was in shadow the other wasnt. At my calibrated level i couldnt see his left eye. If i turned up the brightness on my display i could see his left eye. Now is that me missing shadow detail or me turning up the picture making the correct shadow go away.

    Also when i turn up brightness on DVD's you can see detail there which is not present when i turn it down to my calibrated settings, my calibrated settings were set a brightness 46, if i put my brightness on 55 i can see loads more things in the picture, it looks too bright but i see detail that i dont get at 46, is this normal ?

    Is there anyway i can be sure i have done the calibration correctly

    am i going to try and upload some picture once my website is working

    please help

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