All my yellows turn green in the middle of my LG 55" OLED TV


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I have had this problem with my OLED for over a year.☹ It is clearly a poor design. My tv is out of warranty but it is SO annoying when Homer Simpson walks across the screen and turns GREEN in the middle of my screen! Or now during Football season, while watching the GREEN BAY PACKERS on Monday night football their yellow pants turn puke green🤢 as they beat the Falcons.

I feel the heat does not flow evenly out the back of the electronics on the rear of the tv. Causing the middle of the screen to heat up and above 110 degrees! That is 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the screen. I bought this TV because it was the best but all THREE of my family's SAMSUNG TVS are working fine!! Is LG taking care of this problem on older Tvs??? If so how do I reach them. Thanks for the help.


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You can try calling LG Customer Support. LG has extended their warranty on their OLED panels from one year to two years for parts and labor and two years to four years for parts for just this reason. I had my "green on yellow" panel replaced today on my OLED55C7. The techs came in and removed the TV from the wall mount, installed the new panel, and remounted it. Total cost was $200 since my TV fell outside the two year max for free labor. The new panel has a different design to the one item mounted in the center. The replacement process involved removing everything from the back of the old panel, and reinstalling on the new panel. Pretty quick process - less than 30 min.

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