All in one systems with power


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There are non xindak for sale

Have had the PM6005 and 6006
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The MF then? I’ve read the Audiolab has smooth top end, if so buy it. You can always return it.

Did you feel the Marantz amplifier were not powerful enough? I hate to break it to you, but the speakers only go as low as 50 Hz. You need subwoofer, it is simply at that. You need to try. Can’t you borrow one?

Most floor standing speakers go as low as 40-30 hz, of course you need subwoofer to get an organ to sound lifelike. So in some cases you need subwoofer depending on your taste, room. Maybe not with Silver 500, Dali Oberon 9. I happy with the bass from my speakers, but I would not mind trying eq. Like minidspeaker.

How about used KEF R3? I don’t know how to help you anymore.


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Tried looking for a used MF M2 none

It's not about hz it's about tightness,firmness,dynamic,control...

I can hear 30hz, 35hz is def louder,70-80hz slightly lower than the other frequencys, mabye also 85hz,95hz has a little peak.

May sound alot different when playing real music instead of test tones and how the different inginers,musician,producers are mastering a record,cd

My amp just isn't as good as nad amps in the bass, they need a little oomph,more weight, theres no need to buy different speakers that my yamaha amp can't get most out of in the bass region

My older nad amps did introduce hum (the amp itself not thru the speakers) i would have used one of the 2 older nad amps i have if they didn't have hum.

With the same music nad just plays bass with more weight than most amps (better)

This is okay, i just don't have to try it,test it to know that one of my 2 nads i have will do it better in the bass than my Yamaha

Can't remember what speakers i used with my Marantz PM6005/6006 BASS i think i changed to a nad c326bbe which had more bass but got hot as if it was a class a amp,mabye it lacked some subtle details in the highs which i thing the nad c355bee also did in the highs

I think i used dynaudio emit m10 with my PM8005


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Heres a little update

I wanted something with improved bass

I didn't buy the Audiolab 6000a since i had to sell some of my hifi before i have all of the money (basically all i have for sale).

Cambridge audio CXA 60 i didn't buy

Cambridge axa 35 is a little to close to the price of the audiolab 6000a and only has 10 watt more and a phono input compared to the axa25 but has gotten great reviews

Theres the Cambridge audio AXA 25, i have an external phonostage (better than the one in the axa35 ?) and i would use the same soundcard with the bigger models since none has a built in dac

It's got the same or more power than my nad c717 so power should be approved, it's in silver which i don't like as much as black but doesn't effect the sound quality

Most important theres buy and try for 30 days, so if i don't like it i can return it for free and get all of my money back, if i do like it i can return it and buy a used for 30% of, buying new i won't get an amp i might not like and have to keep or sell again and lose some money.

Even when they have one (axa25) at my local store they don't have the same speakers and room as i do
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