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Do you know the Cambridge amplifier sounds good, or just read online reviews?

I have had one, how ever, i don't know how it will sound with a pair of Mission LX 3 MK II
As you see the this reviews are totally different. I don’t believe Gutteberg said the bass is lacking dynamics.

The other guy “says” it can be at times.
But have you listen to the the Denon 600NE?
As you see the this reviews are totally different. I don’t believe Gutteberg said the bass is lacking dynamics.

The other guy “says” it can be at times.

Different room,different speakers ?

Andrew robinson has a partner in crime, shes half deaf but she still from time to time say he almost have the hearing of a bat, steve guttenberg is to his disadvantage an older man.

Steve actually considered changing his budget ref amp nad c316bee to the cambridge audio AX35, i just don't like that the ax35 is silver only and it's much more expesnive than my yamaha amp, the nad c316bee v2 is also cheaper
Ra1572MK2 has damping factor at 300. Tight refined bass, indeed but it lacks musically.

PM8006 has damping at 100. Bass is full sounding. Not super refined but dynamic engaging, dynamic sounding for my taste.

Specs is specs. Every amplifier measures differently but might sound better depending on your taste.

So yes I agree with you. Speakers are however important depending on how they control the bass response.

You know Floyd’s Money from the Pulse album. On the Marantz the bass is right in front of me. It doesn’t lack any personality. Instead the bass draws towards the stage. The jamming section in the middle of the song is absolutely spectacular.

Rotel has tighter bass, but it is incredibly boring. My heart always knew 50-70 watts is enough for most people. But of course I wanted the Rotel.

“Wow 120 watts in 8 ohm, then 200 watts in 4 ohm”. What could go wrong. In the beginning I was absolutely in love with it. Yes, indeed it can have volume louder then the Marantz without distorting the sound. But let me tell you the Marantz isn’t far behind.
But have you listen to the the Denon 600NE?

Theres is no used atm, hifiklubben in Denmark don't have mission speakers, so i would have no chance of knowing if it will sound good with my speakers
“Old man”. But he’s been running he’s own hifi shop in the early 70’s. He has 40 years of experience. He is one the few reviewers I respect.

Room dictates the sound from the speakers, of course but the right amplifier might change this entirely.

I hope you we’ll find the correct amplifier, speakers. You might try AQ Golden Gate RCA cables. At times they do change the sound.

I’ve A-B tested it against the Chord Clearway RCA cables. Since the amplifier is on the warm side I prefer the Chord cables. The AQ is warmer sounding.

The AQ cables are not terrible expensive.
Theres is no used atm, hifiklubben in Denmark don't have mission speakers, so i would have no chance of knowing if it will sound good with my speakers
Also they never have any good deals on outgoing models. Nonsense policy from them in this aspect. There is shop called Soundgarden, they always have good deals. 40 percent at times.
Soundgarden is where I bought the Silver 300. 50 percent discount, if not I could never afforded them.

I sold the earlier PM8006. so I could afford the RA1572MK2. Then I had saved up some money. Otherwise I could never afford this amplifier also.

Can you import speakers, amplifiers from Soundgarden here in Norway? Probably well be taxes. You could send them an email.
At the current time they have the Yamaha R-S202D for 278 euro, approximately.

100 watts. This might be better then your current Yamaha .
Theres is no used atm, hifiklubben in Denmark don't have mission speakers, so i would have no chance of knowing if it will sound good with my speakers
I won't know if it's the amp or speakers that sounds like it does, if theres not enough bass or to much highs or the sound is not wide enough, no reason to try 1000 euro speakers that might sound fare from my missions. to get and idea if it's the speakers or amp that lacks something, since it might sound alot different with my speakers

AQ Golden Gate RCA costs around 80 euros, it just won't make a difference, im going optical from my pc into my amp QED Performance Graphite
In the video he claims the Cambridge is a more upfront amplifier then the Denon PMA600NE. More dynamic bass. This for me me does noe equal an amplifier with a warm bass. More precise, lean sounding. Hifi correct sounding vs the Denon.

Anyway good luck with the Cambridge amplifier. I hope you enjoy the sound😊.
Im not saying im gonna buy the cambridge cxa 60 amp, it's just within my price range and generally sounds good
Apparently Yamaha is about to release the AS701 MK2.

Since the new MK2 is on its way, you might get lucky to get 30 percent discount on the old one.
Cambridge CXA60 draws 750 watts from the power grind. This is good sign.
still expensive, i have seen (again) some reviews and im not 100% convinced about the a-s700 8som on asr recommends the 700)

Whathifi (700) Outmuscled and outgunned by virtually all its rivals

tear down of the 701 YAMAHA A-S701 - tear-down, thoughts about the internals & few measurements

I now have used my yamaha (again) for a week or so.

What i miss is a better balance of the highs and lows

I wanna have the amp keeps it balance when playing loud not getting brighter.

If keeping the bass i wanna have better more neutral highs at loud levels

If keeping the highs even when it's not perfect at high levels i wanna have more bass

A heavier bass and better highs at high levels (little softer more neutral) would be best, i don't think i need more power, using something else i might do if it's only 50 watt pr channel i 4 ohm

I can't get that buy using eq,tone controls, it doesn't sound naturally, lacking weight in the bass from the amp and highs that keeps it's tonality at loud levels
I get you’re review guy, still there are many factors to consider.

Let’s say I read review online ... “This amplifier lacks dynamics”. blah blah blah...

But it’s a brand I know produces quality hifi amplifiers. I buy it, listen to it. “Well most certainly this amplifier does not lack any dynamics”.I like it. And I enjoy the sound for many years, maybe 20 years.

And you never know if the amplifier (you buy) well suit the speakers, regardless if it gets 10 out 10 in “what a hifi”.

Do you mean the Yamaha is bad amplifier, review wise? According to “what a hifi”

I sincerely believe you need to buy absorbing panels. There are probably too much reflection from the walls.

If you want warm sound then maybe MF might suit you.
Mabye not bad but it's not always in top of there class

The A-S500 was rewarded amp of the year best in it's class togehter with the usually amps from marantz,rega or cambridge audio, then came the A-S501, hardly any reviews no rewards,no best in it's class.

I took a chance with the 301 since it's cheaper than the cambridge audio axa35,nad c316bee v2, D3020,C328 and more powerfull
How about used Arcam A32?
I almost bought one. One of the best amplifier I’ve ever heard in its price
MF M2si probably would suit you. It’s on sale here we’re I live. Cost around the same as the Yamaha AS701 did.

I said it again, you probably need to buy amplifiers around 1 K.
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Xindak 6200 (08). Hybrid amplifier. Class AB/Tube topology. Cost around 1 K. Much less expensive then Marantz PM8006.

Xidak has 100 Watts.
I see. You’re considering going for the Audiolab then? There have been some issues with humming noice, I believe.

If so you can return it, and try another one. How about the Xidak. I know it’s more expensive but it might be worth it.

I can’t thick of any amplifier in your price class which has warm/neutral sound then Marantz PM6007? Have you tried this amplifier?

I know more watts is better, but this doesn’t necessarily give you deeper bass but maybe more depth, precise bass.

I know after owning the Rotel RA1572MK2 amp. This is my opinion. And every amplifier is designed differently when it comes to power supply.

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