All-in-one system under £200/250


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i have just bought a new samsung LE40M87BDX and am looking for a new home cine system, preferably under £200 or £250.
I really have no idea of home cine system. Do you connect the home cine system to the dvd player or straight to the tv?
I have just browse through richersound website. Their home cine system includes DVD player, hence my question.
btw, I already have a sony dvd player and a set of sony speaker with subwoofer but I can't connect them to the CRT tv as there is no audio out. Can I use them on my new tv?


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if the home cinema system has a built in dvd player,then just connect it to the tv,directly,for video through the tv,and audio from the cinema system.

if the home cinema system does NOT come with a dvd player,then connect a dvd player's audio to the cinema system*,and the dvd player's video,to the tv,directly...unless,the home cinema system,can take video,and audio.
in that case,connect the dvd player up to the theatre system,(both audio and video),and then theatre system to the tv,for video on the tv,and sound from the theatre system.

* - this would more likely be called a amp/receiver+speakers package.
systems with a dvd player,could be classed as All-in-Ones.

what Sony system is it you have..i assume the dvd player/speakers and subwoofer,are part of an All-in-One system.?
this may have inputs for the tv's audio to be fed into it.

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