All in one system + multi optical & hdmi inputs?


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Could anyone please advice on a very loud, top notch, all in one system with multiple optical/hdmi inputs, wireless speakers for the rear would be nice also...

Thanks very much.


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With your demands for inputs it is called a separates system.
Wireless speakers still need a reciever at the rear, mains socket, power leads and cables to the rear speakers so not very wireless and in most cases are also poor.
As for loud, then go spearates. An avarage separates system outputting 5x100watts is far louder than ANY 1000 watts or other stupid watts statement that is attached to all-in-ones.
All-in-ones have a power consumption of around 90 to 150 watts, separates roll-in at around 250w to massive power consumption.
The laws of physics state that you can not get more out than you put in.
A 1000watt all-in-one will go on to say something like 5x150watts + something for the sub, what it does not say is that only one channel out of the 6 at any one time can do this, but the total number adds upto a 1000.
Example of a spearates amp is, Cambridge Audio 540R = 5x100watts with 850watts power consumption and an low level out put to feed a sub with its own power supply, average sub = 100 - 150watts out with a 150watts to 200watt power supply.
Now the maths work and the laws of physics are not broken.


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Thx very much for your answer.

I Didn't think there would be something worth while for the specs i need in an all in one system, but i thought id ask here anyway :)

I'm off to the Amp forums then!


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I'm afraid the terms 'Top notch' and 'wireless speakers' don't really sit well together.

If you can get past the wireless rear speakers then a seperate AV Receiver and speakers will give you the loud & top notch with multiple Optical/HDMI inputs.


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Thanks for your input guys,

But alas, it seems i wont be able to reach the specs i need with an all in one system, im going for the Denon AVR4310 with a RX6 speakers package.
price totals to around 4-5k.



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So you've gone from wanting a sub £500 All in one to a £4000 system?



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I was not aiming at a low end product,
As my 1st post states, top notch, loud system...there are just so many options and I am to lazy to check everything, so why not come here and ask for some pro advice?

I was hoping there would be a package with the specs i needed,
Money is not a concern, the sound quality and bad arse looks are tho.

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