all in one speaker upgrade



just wondered if replacing the speakers on an all in dvd system was a bad idea.

as i have noticed on of my rear speakers rattling when volume is high, i know the sub cant be replaced, just the 5 surrounds i was thinking about.

would it be a bad idea ?


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All in ones are designed with the speakers shipped with them in mind. The amp may struggle if you replace all the speakers with higher rated ones but if you choose wisely replacing like with like you may be lucky. Unfortunately that's one of the cons of buying an all in one system (no upgrade path when you get frustrated with it's limitations). If you just replace the rears with a better speaker you may well get away with it but this will only highlight the weakness of the ones left in your system.
A colleague at work replaced his front left and right all in one speakers with some Mission M71i's and was very happy with the results that gave him especially with music.
Maybe save a while and go for a seperates system:)
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