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Hi all, I have decided to have a change around in the living room and this now means that I cannot get the 6CH output from my dvd player into my Kenwood series 21 hi-fi. I am also using this as an excuse to get something with optical inout for my Xbox. The dilema is a s follows

Do I buy an AV receiver such as the Yamaha RX-v530 (very cheap form richer sounds) and then get a new speaker setup, or do i go for an all in one jobby, my mate has an £180 set from argos (acoustic solutions i think)

At least with the all in one I dont have to get speakers etc and its all in a nice compact box. with the Yammy i wil have to buy speakers etc and it is biger.

I suppose the questions comes down to this, are the cheaper all in one systems anygood, I will mainly use it for films, xbox games and having MTV for the kids.....

Any advice would be welcome, I am trying to spend less than £300 unless i sell the kenwood series 21...

Cheers all


The question to ask yourself is, do I want to spend £250 and get everything or do I want to start adding "just another £50" and keep going until you think hang on I havent actually got £1k to spend.

I asked your question many moths ago and have come to the conclusion of get an all in one and spend the rest of your money on DVD's/Music/living.

I will probably get the JVC THA75 as it sounded loud enough in the shop to satisfy my needs eg. listening to music and watching films.

Also make sure whatever you get has optical IN to use the X-boxes 5.1 capability.


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Cheers Rhys, you have a good point, I have already been sat here looking at various websites and started with a £200 set-up and then added another £50 for an extra feature here or there, and then started looking at receivers, then powered subs, then speakers set-ups, then a new cabinet to put them all in....

It goes on and on, I love my curent dvd player, it has never let me down, and so i am going to go for an all in one sound unit without the dvd player, as long as it can do dd, dts and have optical input then i will b=e very happy...

Of to Richers Sounds we go...

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