All In One, but in Gloss Black?

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I'm looking for an all-in-one AV receiver/speaker package as a replacement for what I currently have (an old Sherwood DD amp, Tannoy 632's, and a Paradigm PDR10 sub).

Now I know pretty much nothing about audio. I'm told the 632's are really good, but to me they don't sound any different to any other speaker (I know, I'm a philistine!) so I'm not wanting a top-notch sound. What I am wanting though, is something to match my Samsung LE32R73BD. I want the front speakers to be tall, thin, and shallow depth, so I can wall mount them next to the telly, with the centre speaker below the screen (the screen sits no more than 105mm out from the wall). And I want them in gloss black to match the screen if possible. The rears again will be wall mounted, but I'd prefer them to be smaller & less obtrusive, so a bookshelf(?) shape would be better than long & thin for those.

The amp I'm not too sure about (as I said, I don't really know enough about them) but I want as much 'futureproofing' as I can get for the money with regard to connectivity. And I want DD, pro-logic, and DTS.

I've looked at some of the posts on here, and everyone seems to be complaining about there being to much choice - which there is if you want silver - but I can't find any in black! I found THIS ONE which says in the blurb "With their slim line speakers and glossy black finish..." which sounded extremely promising, however the rest of the page, the picture, and every online store I can find all say it's only available in silver!!!

My budget is around £200, plus whatever I could get for the sherwood, tannoys & sub (and I haven't a clue what that could be!).

Anyone know of anything that might fit the bill?:lease:

Anyone know what (if anything) my old gear would be worth?


Check out Samsung's website. They do some stuff in gloss black which I imagine would be reasonably priced.

Or sell the house and get a Kef Kit 200 system. An absolute beauty and gloss black too!

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