All in one - 6.1?


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Are there any slimline all in one (amp/receiver + speaker) packages that offer 6.1?
I know the ageing Denon DHT500SD can do it, but it involves the purchase of an active sub and an extra speaker (any idea of cost?).

I already have a DVD player (a Denon 900), so could get by with just the processor bit.
The speakers need to be small (ie not bookshelf size), and if possible, so does the receiver.

I see that the Sony is quite popular, as is the Panasonic (inc dvd), but can they do 6.1?

At a push I can get by with 5.1, but as the TV is in a corner, the room layout is crying out for 6.1. The rears would certainly be wall mounted.

Budget likely to be up to £400.



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The Denon 500/550 packages have options for 6.1 output. I see you already have a DVD player though! Not sure if you can buy the amp and speakers without the DVD player.
You could always sell your DVD player :smashin:


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huwg reached for the 'thanks' button..... it was still not there.


I like the idea of a separate DVD player as I may want to upgrade that later, Mind you, I probably never will.

I think the 550 2 unit package has been discontinued.

I've started the ball rolling by packing up my 2 channel Hi-Fi (Amp, CD, Tape, TT, Speakers).
I doubt I'll be selling them, not yet anyway.

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