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All-in-one 5.1 system to also play music from laptop?


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Hi guys,

I feel like I should know the answer to this really, i'm no n00b, :laugh:

Mother in Law wants to buy Sister in Law an all-in-one 5.1 system for her flat that will also allow her to play her music from her laptop. I am enlisted with helping her choose one. Family-related apocalypse will ensue if I balls it up.

The budget is c£200 and I am thinking this: http://www.richersounds.com/product/1-box-home-cinema-systems/lg/sr906/lg-sr906

I am assuming she will be able to send audio over HDMI to the receiver from her laptop. Or am I being an ass?

Any other suggestions welcome...


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Not all laptops can do audio over HDMI so you would need to check. Most will have an optical output and/or headphone socket that could be used instead.
Best buy where doing the Yamaha 196 for £200 recently which would be worth a look as would the Onkyo 3405 from Richer Sounds I think. These are both based on AV recievers so should be a better option than the LG one.


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Thanks PSM1. Checked PB's website which lists the laptop, easynote tk37, but gives no clue as to whether it will stream audio over HDMI or not. Its only a year or so old so I would have thought it would be fine but knowing what tech is like...


Online reviews of it don't seem to help much either!


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Why do you want a 5.1 system to play music? Music is not encoded in 5.1, it is in stereo. Is there more to this requirement that you are not telling us?

For a pure music system, I would suggest a slight raise in the budget, and getting something like the Audioengine A5. These are stereo speakers with built in amp, and are full range speakers with solid bass.

Google-UK - Shopping Search - Audioengine A5

Audioengine USA - A5+ Speaker System

These speaker would connect to the headphone or analog audio out of the computer.

There are some other options to consider in Studio Monitors, or is small size is a factor, the much cheaper Audioengine A2 are worth considering -
Audioengine USA - A2 Speaker System

Google-UK - Shopping Search - Audioengine A2

Now, you specifically asked for something to play music, and that is what I have recommended. If that is not what you need, then you need to expand your description of your requirements. But, you don't need 5.1 just to play music.


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