All-in-1 System with Bose (CRAZY)

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by cn9601, Sep 4, 2007.

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    :hiya: Hi, guys. Foremost, there will be lots of people upon reading my 'problem' will think I am crazy. But I must stress that I am just trying to 'maximise' the 'rubbish' :rolleyes:

    OK, this is the game play. I have finally 'tweaked' my AV & Stereo Systems and am enjoying every single frequency bit of it. This is also largely the Bose is out of my system setup :clap:

    Before I could dump the Bose to its retiring spot, my wife rubs on an idea to 'recycle' Bose with the Panasonic All-in-1 system speakers pair. I have checked the All-in-1 and it is possible physically to use speaker cables, so it is possible for Bose. Checking the manual, the impendance indicates 6ohms, and Bose accordingly can hook into amp of 4-8ohms.

    Can I do it? :devil: My main concern is whether will the system 'explodes' since it has to drive a much large speaker pair? :suicide: Or will the All-in-1 be damaged? :oops:

    So :lease: advise me.......:smashin: or :thumbsdow

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