All be ok?

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Righto, quick question, not something i've really needed before now but better check before any damage is done...

My dad is after a 5.1 set up, I have all the speakers spare from previous set ups and thought i'd put him something together...

Will consist of some MS 914i in the front, some small bookshelves for the backs and a CA S50 centre. A Pioneer VSX521 will power them...

I'm sure it'll be fine but like I said, checking to make completely sure...

The VSX521 outputs at 130 (6 ohms) the 914is recommend power unto 120 and the S50 80... will they be ok running with the Pioneer or will it blow them? :rolleyes:



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You will be fine with those speakers and receiver.
Although it says a max of 130W it is not going to be putting that out for any length of time and not with all speakers being powered. Even if it did I doubt your Dad is going to run it at max anyway so no risk to the speakers at all.

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Nice one, thanks for that. Pretty much what I thought but didn't want him to blow something!

Will have to get it sorted for him this weekend!

Thanks again.
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