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Hi ive had the alien legacy box set for a long while now. But moved recently and for some reason my mother threw the box away, anyone know of a way of getting the box, without buying another copy of the set?



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Hi Geezer,

Your only real chance (short of a member of the forums sending your theirs) is by contacting 20th Century Fox in London, and seeing if they have any spares lying around.

However, don't get your hopes up, as the chances of Fox having any spares, are going to be slim.




It may not help you but, when the box set came out there use the very same box as blank boxes in there display’s so there must be thousands of them lying round somewhere.


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Originally posted by Geezer
for some reason my mother threw the box away
Rather than a new dvd box, I think maybe you should find a new mother! :D

juss kiddin ;)


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Originally posted by nutcase_1uk
alternatively, HMV are flogging the box in a sale at mo, you could buy it again and flog teh old discs?
Not a bad idea, but even in the sale its not that cheap. Thought about doing that but cant really be bothered to sell them though.


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Just got email from Fox asking for my addy so they can send me one too :)

Thumbs up to FOX :D


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Geezer I have been on Fox web site and i can't find the e-mail address for them please could you let me know what it is as I need to sort out the 24 issue of disc 5 and 6 with them

please could you e-mail it to [email protected]

thanks pete

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