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Are the alien special editions worth getting if you already have the alien films from when they were released on R1 when alien legacy came out?
Is the pic quality very different?


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I'd be interested in this as I'm rather tempted by plays buy one get one free offer so I'd buy alien and aliens if there were major differences:)

Phil Hinton

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Haven't compared the legacy to the new discs, however we will be looking at the R2 Japanese Aliens in DTS and can compare that to the new set disc.


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Well i went with the "Buy one, get one free offer" the extras are amazing, and the film is much better PQ & Sound quality than my original versions that i bought when dvd's first came onto the scene.

I was gonna buy the "Quadrilligy" sp? edition, but i really only like the first two films and are not bothered by the other two, as i have these in standard versions already of these films.

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Oh for heavens sake, folks!!!
These are the official forums of Total DVD. Reviews and comparisons there.


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I started watching the Alien Special Edition last night in DTS and thought that the dialogue sounded awful and really showed it's age. It may be that I haven't yet got an AV amp and my TV does the processing, but I expected it to sound a lot better than this.


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Is your TV dts? If not, why bother even listening to the dts track? Of course its not going to sound good through two tinny little speakers!

You should just use the downmixed DD 5.1 track instead.


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Yes it's DTS and DD5.1 - lots of other films sound suprisingly good through it, but this one really does sound bad.


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I've heard dts built into TVs, and to be honest its not a patch on a proper dedicated amp and speaker system.


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That's why I'm getting a dedicated AV Amp, but it doesn't alter the fact that this sounds far worse than most other films I've watched with the same setup. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this ?


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Alien sounds great in dts on my system. I've got the R1 version as part of the Alien Quadrilogy.


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If anyone is wanting to buy the quadrilogy!!! er nine disc set, its available at the moment, or was the last time I was there at hmv at £39:99. :)


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I have the Box set (US) and it is worth geting. And a proper digital amp and speekers too!

Each movie comes on 2 disks. So its 9 in total with a bonus disk.
Some films have a DTS mix some dont.
But thats not whats good about them.

Forget the technichal specs.

Each movie disk has 2 versions of the film on it.

The original theatrical version and the "directors cut"

I was well shocked to see how different the dirsctors cuts were from the theatrical versions. I felt lik I had been ripped of when i went to the theaters all those years ago!

Yes the films are THAT diferent.
Especialy Alien 3. (OMG is Alien 3 diferent!!!)

It has a whole new scenes in it (and all the other movies too) that they couldnt show due to time constraints.

And even the origins of the single Alien in the 3rd movie is different (where it bursts from) its not the dog we all saw in the theatrical version!

Anyway, I dont want to give it away, but just for that its worth geting these movies again.
Buy them separately or as the box set, but make sure you get them if you love the Alines franchise!


The question asked was is the pic quality different from the original releases on DVD and i would say it is, but i might surprise some people by stating that i feel shadow detail has been lost in the new quadrilogy pack, other aspects of the transfer are better but shadow detail has been lost, thats detail seen within very dark scenes.


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The DVD format has its problems, wait for an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray re-release if u want imrovement on picture quality, or get a better DVD Player, theres always a better one out there.

Im more concerend with the contents of the DVDs and well in this case i think the box set is well worth the purchase.

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