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I bought Alien SE & Aliens SE in the 2 for 1 offer from Play.com.
While watching Aliens the other night something struck me, when the Colony Marines go into the power plant for the first time they come across the Aliens nest (that black boney stick crap that covers all the walls etc), when Ripley is asked if she knows what it is she replies "No".

Fair enough you say but in Alien SE they have put back in the scene where Ripley finds Dallas cocooned in a very similar looking nest. Granted a lot smaller than the nest in Aliens but still the same sort of thing. Now surely Ripley would of remember this and had some sort of idea as to what it was, rather than just a plain "No".

Small and insignificant but grated on my non the less!


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I suppose if a new Aliens SE was included the line could've be removed or changed to avoid the discrepancy but it was made long before the 'Alien' cocoon sequence was acknowledged.

In fact, if the whole alien 'circle of life' theory for the aliens was fully used in the original cut of 'Alien', the storyline of 'Aliens' would have been very different. (I doubt the Queen could have been included for example)


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This same topic was discussed several months ago when Alien SE was at the cinema. If you do a search you may still find the thread...


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Yes, but it discusses how restoring that scene in Alien spoils the sequels...

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