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----- SPOILER ALERT -----

Considering buying the ALIEN Quadrology box set, with the 8 or so disks.

Can someone please tell me, does it contain extended versions of ALL FOUR Alien films? I haven't yet seen any blurb on what extra scenes are included for each film.

Also, regarding the Aliens-2 extended version contained in this box set. Is it the same extended version that was released as a limited edition in 1990 (with sentry guns, Newt's father getting impregnated, etc), or is it an even different version? Do we get to see the cocooned Burke sequence which was omitted from the theatrical and original extended versions?


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Alien Quadrilogy is a 9 Disc set, 2 Disc per Film with an Extra Disc only available in the Set.

As for the film, each one uses seamless branching so that 2 versions of each film are available.

Alien has the original release and the new directors cut.
Aliens has the original release (never been available on dvd until now) and the special edition which is the same as the last DVD release and the VHS released in the 90's.
Alien 3 has the original release and a workprint release which add's an extra 30mins or so to the film.
Alien Resurrection has the original release and a special edition with a different beginning and end.

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