Alien Quadrilogy Compatibility List

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Nov 4, 2003
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I thought I would start a thread where people who have bought the Alien Quadrilogy could post with the following info...

What DVD Player do you have?
Do you Experience any Problems?
If so, which Disc(s) and at what times do the problems occur?

From reading threads around the net it seems that Alien 3 Extended is giving the most trouble, most likely because it is the film with the most extra footage branched in and taken out.

I have a number of DVD Players but have only watched Alien 3 Extended and that played perfectly on my XBOX, will try it on my other players now and will post back with results.
As posted in the other thread

R1 boxset plays okay on my Sony 725 & F21
R1 & 2 boxsets problems on Mico mainly picture freezing (the cheap brand from Sainsburys) but fine on Cyberhome (from WHS)
Originally posted by Indiana Jones

What DVD Player do you have?

Philips 763sa

Do you Experience any Problems?

Yes. Picture freezes frequently similar to a layer change. It sometimes skips a few frames aswell.

If so, which Disc(s) and at what times do the problems occur?

All discs are effected. This happens every 15 mins

played fine on my rdr-gx7
Pioneer 757ai
No problems; branching really was 'seamless' as I didn't notice it.
Seen Alien3 and Resurrection special editions with no problems on my Toshiba 330.
Pioneer 737
all play fine but all hav occasional sound dropouts.not that bad atall but still noticeable.(region 1)
Haven't tries Alien but all seamless dvds I have tried were problem free on my Panasonic A310.
player: pioneer 565

all discs play perfectly. All braching truly seamless as I didn't notice it at all...

oh and it's the R2 version...
All discs play fine on Toshiba 530. I doubt they would on any of the Cambridge Audio DVD players though, as I had problems with sound drop-outs on The Abyss and T2, so much so I change it for the Tosh.

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