Alien lands to buy DVD player! True!


Greetings Earthlings,

Please don't shoot! I come in peace.

I'm an alien who has never used a DVD player. :D

I'm looking at a first DVD player purchase to watch films to kill time on long space journeys. (in addition to my fairly decent quality Panasonic SVHS VCR (NV HS-825) bought on my last trip to your Earth)

Is there a price ceiling on DVD players above which you can almost guarantee adequate quality? The return trip to buy a replacement could be rather time consuming.

My planetary surveillance cameras tell me that your supermarkets often have these things at £50 credits and even less.
Then there is another mass of offerings at around £100 credits in your department stores.

After that the sky is the limit. :blush:

Is maker's name important or are they all made in this place you call China?

I only need <stereo> audio out and a Scart socket to feed the TV on my spaceship. There isn't room for rear speakers in my flying saucer.

I ask only that the proposed DVD player should easily beat my present video's performance on stereo film sound and picture quality.

What should I really be looking at before I have to take off again? ;)

Thankyou for your kind attention.

May The Sound always surround you.


Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
If I tell you, will we get Elvis back?


Active Member
i would like to remind you that this is a serious forum for serious people serious about AV!!:lesson:

Anyway what part of Quod do you come from?


Active Member
I am still young I guess 257 light years old in your money!:p

However, getting back to your original question I take it this is your first outing to a DVD player.

I am sure you will find the direct access, no rewinding, digital sound, to name a few advantages over video, a pleasing change before you start talking of which player is better than which.

What 'E'.T.v. :)grin:) have you got? will it accept component, RGB etc. If you can hook up Component this would narrow the field abit.

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
What is Elvis?

Well my young Padawan, if you'd managed to get your flux capacitor working correctly, you'd have arrived many moons ago and be well versed in the virtues of DVD.

As it is, you're too darn late Milado, and Hi Def is just arround the corner.

What was the question again Pitaq'?

Oh - Toshiba 330 is a bargain at under £60 from More Money than You Audio, or the Panasonic S75 for around £100.

What is your display? Hologramatic Sensaround with auto-tissue dispenser?




How did I know that entertaining the troops would get a better response (eventually) than just throwing myself on your mercy.:D

Okay, back to the purpose of this thread. I'm using a high quality stereo system with a big SVS sub & CRT TV for music and film. I have read that any DVDP should knock my video clear off the planet.

I've recently bunged a DVD burner in my computer and have watched a couple of films, discovered chapters, easy access etc thanks young alan. Not ideal for feeding the AV system though.

I don't need surround sound, multichannel 5.1, LFE, component or anything fancy.

But I do need decent stereo sound from a couple of phonos for film watching only. My TV simply needs a scart socket. If LFE can be added into the stereo mix for maximum bass impact so much the better. How this would be achieved is your area of expertise not mine (yet).

Music playing with the DVD player can be safely ignored.

I have looked in endless shops at the shiny silver and rarer black fascias. I have somehow managed to avoid the staff. Perhaps the green skin and waving tentacles put them off? :rolleyes

I have also read endless DVDP reviews. But these don't help me draw up a definite pecking order. I might as well stick a pin in a magazine list as it is all still an alien technology to me. And I still have no real basis for useful comparison.

May The Sound surround you



Greetings Earthlings!

I could tell you were all gagging to help me make a first choice of DVD player. :D

You Earthlings have a saying: "Knowledge is Power"

So are you all misers? Do you keep your knowledge in a bag under the floorboards? :blush:

Based on the feedback from your many excellent and varied suggestions I exchanged some £ credits for my first (and last?) DVD player only yesterday! My basis for my final choice? The colour matched the instrument panel on my flying saucer! :devil:

May The Sound surround you

Nimby ;)


Thanks for your interest Gary :)

I looked for a black Pioneer 565A because I saw some interest on here and read some reviews.
Silver only and £320 in the only dealer! :mad:
Clashed a bit with the flying saucer. Nope!

I looked for a Denon in the £250-300 price bracket. Nope!

Then I saw the new NAD T 533 multi format player and took a chance. :devil:

It sounds fine on CD (and is improving) :smashin:
Does much better than my VCR on film. :thumbsup:
I now have 2 DVDs! Wow! :clown:
Too new for any online reviews yet.
Probably turn out to be the runt of the NAD litter. :blush:
AND it comes in dark slate-grey to match my Naim kit. :p
Mission accomplished!

May The Sound surround you.

Nimby :cool:

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