ALIEN HEAD - which set of discs should be included


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Jan 1, 2005
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help please??

i have been after one of these for a while - have just been given a set as a present but the set of discs is the uk region 2 which only has DTS on Alien and Alien Resurrection

it was bought through Freemans the catalogue/mailorder company and their description says 'imported from japan'

i therefore assume that it should have the japanese disc set with DTS on all films

your views appreciated before it gets sent back
Hi Samjet

No, the "UK" release of the Alien head only has the UK Quadrilogy with it - if you want the other 2 movies with DTS, then you need either the Japanese head or you can buy the Ultimate editions (as I have).

I would personally say that only Alien3 is worth getting for the DTS mix, I found Aliens on a par with the DD (Although I've changed my amp now, so maybe I should see if it sounds any better).

Oh - Night Watch that you PM'd me about, I've ordered :) If I get time I may well try and post a review too :)
hi seth

thanks very much for clarifying the situation :D

just find it strange then that freemans say imported from japan :confused:

i'll keep the set then and buy alien 3 ultimate in DTS

hope you enjoy night watch - i did even though i found my copy was 'dubious' despite being bought from a retailer in the usa (sealed etc)
I think the heads themselves were made and therefore imported from Japan (although I could be wrong) - but HMV, Choices Direct among others have been selling the same set as you have.

Still it looks nice :)

according to my packaging the head is made in China (no surprises really)

its actually numbered on the packing as No 696 0f 5250
I should have known - what items made from Plastic aren't from China or Taiwan LOL ;)

Well it's an Asian country :) Makes you wonder how many people who spent £400 on the original are happy now !
think prices for the i robot sonny head are dropping now that hmv have it for £69.99

seem to recall some silly prices a while ago ;)
yeah just got the sonny head from hmv last week they only had one but i got it for 70 notes...........tiz good too!

thanks for the info on the alien head too btw!

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