Alien Directors Cut


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Bought from CD-Wow, sourced from Australia. The Directors cut freezes every 20 mins or so. If I hit the pause button then play it starts again. Never had this problem before. Has anyone else experienced this before I contact CD-Wow? Thanks.

Rambo John J

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Alien DC played fine, but Aliens and Alien 3 (the longer versions, I haven't tried the theatricals of them yet) each froze once on my old player and I did the same trick you did to get it going again. Haven't tried them in my new Pioneer yet though.

Indiana Jones

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Afraid the problem is your dvd player mate. The new releases of the Alien films use Seamless Branching which is having some strange results on some dvd players, some can play them 100% and others skip/restart/freeze.

Only way to solve this is to get a new dvd player, out of the 4 in my house only my xbox will run them perfectly and then it froze up on one of the extras discs once but the problem is getting a player which runs them without problems.

I did voice my concerns a while before the set was released about the seamless branching issue and no one seemed interested, now people are reporting problems and blaming the sets for being faulty when there is nothing wrong with them.

Think it would be a good idea to create a list of players which can play all 4 films perfectly and a list which has trouble playng them, what do you think?


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I have a philips 763sa and have the same problems with the alien films. It freezes every 15mins just like it does on a layer change and sometimes skips a few frames.

I also just got a copy of terminator2 extreme edition and it was doing the same thing although not quite as bad as the aliens films . Probably about 4 times through the whole movie. I'm thinking about getting a new dvd player so a list would be a good idea.



My brother in law had the same problem.
Freezes on a Mico ? (from Sainsburys) but plays okay on a Cyberhome (from WH Smith).

I had no problems with my 2 Sony players

Indiana Jones

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Seamless Branching is part of the dvd standard but I think Fox pushed it too far and that is why so many players are having problems.

Other people have said you will have trouble if you have a cheap player and that may be true but my brother has a JVC Player which cost him over £300 last year and that wont run them either and my Samsung 709 wont run Seamless Branching films very well but that is quite old now and I am looking to replace it, but the question is with what, that is why I want to start a compatibility list.


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I'm using a Denon 2900 which I have had for 6 months. It is a superb machine, this is the first disc I have had a problem with.

Indiana Jones

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Have started a new thread now where people can post their results, would really be helpful if everyone who has the Alien Quadrilogy or the single releases could post there.

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