ALien directors cut, which is your fave version?



Just watchthe directors cut of alien and Ihave to admit i preferred it i thought it was leaner and the new scene didnt seemout of place to me. Which version do you guys prefer ?
i watched all of them in the quadrilogy boxset. i did like the new directors cut of alien better, and prefer the special edition version of aliens.

however i didnt like the new cut of alien 3 quite as much, don't get me wrong, good to have seen it and all the missing bits but it is still a god awful mess of a filim what ever way you edit it.

alien resurection new cut not much different i didnt like the new begining the new ending felt like a scene out out planet of the apes.

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Alien - both cuts excellent (extra Dallas scene slows the action a bit) [horror]
Aliens - director's cut best [action]
Alien 3 - new cut is closer to the book and makes more sense (still can't figure out how an egg got on the Sulaco though) [morbid]

Alien Resurrection - Rubbish full stop [comedy] :)


I preferred the new cut of Alien 3 but would have included these 2 sequences, i prefer the dog busting out scene and i prefer to see the alien queen doing its stuff near the end of the film (( won't mention the scene for those who still haven't seen the film ))

I like Alien Directors special edition version (( refuse to call it a directors cut as the original version is the version the director wanted ))

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