Alice Cooper Live at Montreaux HD-DVD - playback problems

theo cupier

I bought this HD-DVD recently, mostly because my wife is a huge fan of Alice and I wanted to try and convince her of the merits of HD.

I have the X360 HD-DVD player and I'm getting playback problems with this disk.

Specifically, the audio plays fine, but the video track does not. Every few seconds it freezes, then jumps to catch up with the audio and freeezes again.

It doesn't freeze for long (a second or two at a time) but since this is happening continually it makes it unwatchable.

For what it's worth, my X360 is set to output 1080i via component to my PHD8. The disk is 1080i res. It happens irrespective of which audio option I select.

I've not had any problems with my other HD disks (Happy Feet, Bourne Supremacy, Serenity, Harry Potter, Batman Begins) which are all 1080p, output at either 1080i or 720p.

Does anyone else have this title and, if so, have they experienced the same problem? And, if so, have they found a fix for it?

Having bought it second hand, privately (via an Amazon Marketplace seller) it might be tricky for me to return - especially if it's a problem with my hardware - so I'd like to explore options to get it working.



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Are you the same guy with this prob over at thedvdforums?

I have the same prob.
I'm running my 360 through the VGA cable, and optical for the 5.1

Sound is fine, but the video pauses every few seconds and is very annoying. Not had any probs with the other 6 or 7 HD-DVDs i've played?

Got mine from DVDpacific and have emailed them today about it.

theo cupier

No, I'm not that guy.

I saw a couple of other posts about this on the XBOX360 HD-DVD player board in AV Forums and added a comment, but no-one's picked up on it. Since it is apparently a disk problem, rather than hardware, I thought I'd put it here too.

Be interested to hear what DVDpacific have to say, in terms of whether there's a fix (rather than just "send it back for a refund")

theo cupier

I've Emailed Eagle Rock Entertainment, who are the publishers of the title, to see if they are aware of the problem and if they can advise.

The box says "To view this HD disc at its best, please ensure you player has the latest firmware upgrade." and "This disc has been produced to meet or exceed all relevant HD DVD specifications. Certain advanced features may not play on all machines, Please refer to your player's manual for specifications."

Nothing there suggests it ought to fail on basic playback on any machine. My X360 player was updated in late January, shortly after i bought it. I don't think there have been any updates since then, we're all waiting for the May 07 update bringing DTS aren't we?

Eagle Rock Entertainment have acknowledged my Email and say they are looking in to the issue and will let me know if they find a solution.

If anyone else that is having the problem wants to Email them at "[email protected]" it might help them understand the scale of the issue.


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DVDpacific replied to ask me to send the disc back for replacement

I replied to reaffirm I think there's a prob with all the discs, but they say they're not aware of it, and i'm the first person to have a prob! They then asked me to send the whole thing back for refund :(

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