Alias - Season 3 - Bravo 14th March 9pm.




Tis back. There also showing a catch up program leading up to the opener.


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i saw the catch up programe earlier in the week and the catch up programe was rubbish. no help at all didn't explain much of the back story at all

Ive just got into watching alias watching seris 1 on sky one at the moment, after that seris is finished i hope sky show seris 2 after that then i can watch seris three. theres no way i can watch seris 3 after just watching seris 1 and missing out a whole seris


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Who the hell do SKY think they are?

They drop Alias with no announcement, they replace Alias with the Shi*e Jake2.0 (now Cancelled in USA good move Sky.) and now its buried on Bravo in 4:3 land for christs sake. What do i pay my subscription for? Apart from stargate, angel(doh):( , scrubs, enterprise, 24. no I cant think of anything else. Thats bad customer relations. They should drop mile high and that bloody football tripe and the home movies. Fu*k that I'm moving to the USA!


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thanks for the heads up. I'm sure TiVo would have seend it, but best be on the safe side and season pass it (with the HIGHEST priority :)

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